Deep, Deepen, Deepening, 2019

Deep, Deepen, Deepening (2019) explores the hidden landscape of Must Farm at Whittlesey, near Peterborough. The Must Farm pile-dwelling site is an exceptionally well-preserved settlement dating to the end of the Bronze Age (c. 850BC) located on the edge of a working quarry. The site, often referred to as the UK’s Pompeii, has been excavated by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, revealing many important discoveries about how people lived and worked. Deep, Deepen, Deepening explores this unique landscape, opening up questions around labour, trade and everyday life.

Performed by: Kirsty Arnold, Elina Akhmetova, Lorea Burge, Iris Chan, Laura Doehler,  J Neve Harrington, Tora Hed, Thom Mckeon, Adam Moore, Akshay Sharma, Petra Soor and Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot.

Composed with: Mira Calix

Costumes designed with: Lucie Kordakova

Performance tools designed with: James Field

Produced with assistance from: Kirsty Arnold & Iris Chan

Thanks to Cambridge Archaeological Unit, in particular Mark Knight and Lizzie Middleton; and to Forterra Building Products Limited, in particular, Kevin Goddard, Alan Johnson and Kathryn O'Sullivan.

Commissioned by Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery as part of the East Contemporary Visual Arts Network three-year project, New Geographies. New Geographies aims to create a new map of the East of England based on unexplored or overlooked places:

Photos: Rui Pignatelli