Deepening, 2020

Deepening (2020)

Stills from video, 15:36 minutes


Camera and Editing: Laura Wilson and Black Shuck

Music: Mira Calix

Grade and Audio Post-Production: Black Shuck

Thanks to Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Forterra Building Products Ltd and to Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, in Particular: Dr Rosy Gray, Kevin Goddard, Donald Horne, Mark Knight, Lizzy Middleton, Len Middleton, Diane Munday, Nat Jackson, Alan Johnson, Kathryn O'Sullivan

Thanks to the performers and those involved in Deep, Deepen, Deepening presented on 19 October 2019 at Must Farm: Kirsty Arnold, Elena Akhmetova, Lorea Burge, Jenny Caynes, Iris Chan, Laura Doehler, James Field, Rob Filby, Alicia Grix, J Neve Harington, Tora Hed, Lucie Kordakova, Rui Pignatelli, Thom McKeon, Adam Moore, Akshay Sharma, Peter Söör, Anne-Gaëlle Thirot

Additional thanks to: Professor Charly French, Dr Melanie Giles, Dr Susanna Harris, Edward Humphrey, Harriet Loffler, Donna Lynas, Dr Lesley McFadyen, Matt Nightingale, Dr Tonko Rajkovaca

Commissioned by Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery as part of New Geographies.