My Buddy, 2018

90-minute performance with three performers, microphones and speakers

My Buddy is a performance inspired by how yeast cells move, and was developed over nine months of research with scientists from the Zegerman Lab at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge University UK. Working with members of the Lab, I carried out experiments on wild yeast cultures, extracting their DNA and observing the movements of cells under the microscope.

The performance sees three dancers wearing microphones, they move in constant motion with one another, navigating the space whilst responding to their exhaled breath which is broadcast around the room. The performance is 90 minutes, which is the length of time it takes a yeast cell to divide under optimum conditions.

Commissioned by Kettleā€™s Yard and presented at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge in October 2018.

Performed by Kirsty Arnold, Laura Doehler and Adam Moore.